English for Conversation

We make ESL easier for you!

Interaction with others is far richer when you’ve taken the time to learn their language. When you can use the American language with confidence, and as an equal, you feel part of the New York City vibe!

Thanks to our time-tested method, you will become conversant in English from the very first class. Our teachers put students at ease while stimulating and challenging them with real-life, relevant, simple conversations. From the beginning students are encouraged, but never pressured, to practice articulating their new language and perfecting their pronunciation under the guidance of native-speaking teachers.

If you want to learn to make reservations at exclusive restaurants, interact with hotel staff, ask for directions from people on the street, and take a cab as an American person the New York English Workshop lessons will be perfect for you.


English can be a difficult language to learn, especially on your own. Studying ESL at New York English Workshop gives you the support of patient, experienced instructors who will work to stimulate and challenge you, whatever your learning background. You will learn invaluable tools to help you assimilate into American culture, right in the heart of New York City.

Beginning students are encouraged to learn practical words for real-life settings; students who are more proficient can learn advanced skills, such as how to use idiomatic expressions. Students at all levels will benefit from New York English Workshop’s flexible scheduling and competitive price – and, of course our unparalleled expertise in language learning and acquisition.