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With over 45 years of experience in language acquisition and instruction, we have developed a personalized, immersive ESL program that covers grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking. We focus on teaching you practical communication skills that will last a lifetime. With the support of Director François Thibaut and our dedicated instructors, you will learn English and become more comfortable with American culture. We offer classes for all ages, learning levels, and personal or professional needs – to learn more about which is right for you, check out our full list of lessons.

It can be difficult, especially when English is not your native language, to help your child reach fluency. Without extra support, some children fall behind in vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills, which are essential for their success in school. The Language Workshop For Children has over 40 years of experience in childhood language acquisition. Our program provides an immersive atmosphere and uses the internationally-recognized Thibaut Technique® to make learning English fun! For more information about our lessons for children, click here.

We will help you select the lessons that best fit your learning needs. With 10 levels of private lessons, as well as options for accelerated, and extended learning, we are sure to find the perfect lessons for you! We offer free evaluations to place each student in the correct level – call 212-628-2700 or click here to schedule yours today.

When François Thibaut started teaching language in the 1970s, he noticed that most programs were treating language learners the same way, regardless of their age or experience. He set out to create a method that would reach students of all ages, using the connection between emotion and memory. When he began to create learning materials that stimulated emotion, he found that adults and children alike not only learned the language more quickly and easily, but they also had more fun! These insights helped to create the Thibaut Technique®, and are an essential part of our ESL courses.

At New York English Workshop, we strive to make learning a language exciting – there are no boring textbooks, imaginary conversations, or long vocabulary charts. We focus on having real conversations, built around real situations and people. Our goal is to make sure you feel confident when you communicate in English.

New York English Workshop offers several special lesson types for advanced English learners. Our lessons on public speaking are perfect for professionals, while our accent reduction course will help anyone who wants to be a more confident English speaker.

Taking the ESL courses offered by New York English Workshop is a great way to prepare for these English language exams. Our instruction in grammar and writing gives students a practical foundation on test day and beyond. You can take these exams at testing centers around the world, but please note that New York English Workshop is not a testing center. Read more about our specialized courses for adults here.

No, our lessons are geared to New York residents who want to learn or improve their English and to visitors who have already obtained a tourist visa and are consequently allowed to enroll in any lesson type they want including ESL as long as they do it before the expiration of their tourist visa.