Does your child need help learning English?

As a family that recently relocated to New York, you want to ease your child’s transition to a new country, a new city, a new house … and especially a new language. Why?

For your child, maybe even more than for any adult, speaking the language of the country they live in, is a priority. This will alleviate most of the stress: whether he or she is excited or not about the move, being unable to communicate with classmates will prevent him/her to join student’s groups or make his/her own friends. In all cases this is a terrible feeling for a child, let alone a teenager.

As a department of the Language Workshop for Children we have been working with children for 45 years. We know that naturally, your child will end up speaking the language by themselves, more or less quickly depending of his/her age. Obviously, he/she won’t be able to write in English if not taught. But we can do better!

The New York English Workshop will welcome your child in a happy and funny immersion class where a friendly teacher speaks only English as a mother tongue.  Private lessons or semi-private sibling lessons are the key to adapting the curriculum to the student’s needs and help them to communicate fluently in English with his/her peers, very quickly. Our lessons also help students to fit quickly and easily in their environment, especially at school, as we take into account cultural and social behavior aspects adapted to the student’s age, in our teaching.

Why choose the New York English Workshop?

New York English Workshop/The Language Workshop for Children has been helping students of all ages and levels to learn a new language since the 1970s. Director François Thibaut has dedicated his career to developing immersive, active techniques that are specially designed to engage children.

With over 45 years of experience in childhood language acquisition, New York English Workshop is the best choice to help your child become fluent in English. Our proven method of immersive instruction provides a supportive, dynamic environment and builds lifelong language skills. We ensure that your child learns the same vocabulary and grammar skills as their native-speaking peers.

We teach important concepts through action, emotion, and memory to activate your child’s curiosity, and help them reach their full potential. During our lessons, they will expand their English skills, improve their academic performance and feel more comfortable in American culture.

We can tailor our curriculum to your child’s needs.

The English for Children lessons at New York English Workshop can also be helpful for more advanced language learners. We can customize materials to help your child review important spelling, pronunciation, and writing concepts. This additional support will help them achieve full English fluency.

Call us today at 212-628-2700 to schedule your child’s evaluation. We will then work with you and your child to find the schedule that is best for their level and learning needs!

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