Learn English for your next trip!

Planning to visit New York City? Book a language class along with your Broadway tickets and tour bus passes. This exciting, vibrant city is bursting with amazing things to see and do, but can be difficult to navigate if you are unable to understand English.

You’ll have much smoother travels after taking English for Tourism lessons at New York English Workshop. Many do-it-yourself language courses leave you with a jumble of vocabulary words. Our immersive course will give you real, practical phrases and support. You will learn how to communicate your needs and make new friends by mastering essential grammar, vocabulary, and cultural skills.

Study at New York English Workshop from the comfort of your home!

Not traveling to the Big Apple? We can travel to you! New York English Workshop offers our proven, personalized instruction online. Our Skype lessons are taught by the same experienced instructors, with the same exciting curriculum – all on your laptop, at your convenience.

Our highly qualified instructors will teach you how to speak English for real-life situations, so you’ll feel more confident and have a stress-free trip. We also offer accelerated courses for those looking to take off in a hurry!