Do you panic when you have to speak English in front of a crowd?

For many people, public speaking is their greatest fear. But when English is your second language, it can be even more difficult to speak in front of an audience. Unfortunately, most public speaking courses don’t address the complications specific to an English learner.

At New York English Workshop, we have developed English for Public Speaking to help you improve your oral communication and presentation skills. This course is ideal for those in business and leadership roles who would like to increase successful communication in the workplace. It can also be helpful as preparation for job interviews.

New York English Workshop’s proven methods will work for you.

You’ll work with our experienced instructors to overcome your performance anxiety through guided practice. Our emphasis on supportive immersion means that you will start learning to speak effectively through activities and real-life settings. You will emerge a more confident speaker, having learned not just tactics for preparation, but also tips for grammar, diction, and vocal projection.

Develop speaking skills for all settings.

Working on a speech already? We can give you personalized assistance and guidance to make it relatable to native English speakers. If you’re working on more general speaking skills, our private lessons are perfect to give you the friendly support you need.

With lessons available Monday – Friday, on the weekend, and via Skype, New York English Workshop makes it easy to become a more confident speaker.