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Why Private Lessons Are Right For You

When it comes to ESL, every student has different needs.  This is why we specialize in tailoring the lessons to each student through private instruction.  Forget about a class of 15 to 20 students where each one has a different accent, and you are lucky if you get to speak ten minutes out of a two hour class.  In our private lessons, we can tailor our curriculum to your specific needs, and you’ll show a greater increase in skill with less time!  With our private lesson schedule, forget about having to plan your day around a set class time, we can build your lesson schedule around when YOU are available.  A perfect option for working professionals, homemakers, children and seniors alike!

A common misconception when it comes to private lessons, is that they’re more expensive than regular classes.  Is this necessarily true?  When you think about all the benefits of studying languages privately, you see that you’re actually getting a huge number of benefits:

  • A curriculum that’s specifically written for YOUR needs
  • More opportunity to speak conversationally with your teacher often group classes move as slowly as the slowest student.
  • Most schools cannot have enough levels to meet the specific needs of every student.
  • Personalized instruction which moves at your pace
  • In the case of a 3 year old child who for instance would be interested in trucks, we would start all conversation with a toy that he would bring from home to get his interest and involve him in the lesson.This would not be possible in a group of 10 .
  • A flexible schedule that works around you
  • Greater ESL improvement in a shorter amount of time

Whether you are a completely new to the English language or have studied English before, New York English Workshop has a class that will suit your needs. We also offer special lessons for children, professionals, tourists, and test preparation! Different programs and schedules are available for most lessons, including options for accelerated, and evening classes.







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