Accent Reduction

Speak English with ease!

Has your foreign or regional accent made communicating in English difficult for you? While having an accent is part of what makes you unique, it can also be a frustrating barrier to effective speaking. New York English Workshop can work with you to communicate clearly, and will help you develop your most confident voice!

Through working with one of our experienced instructors, you will receive personalized training in foreign and regional accent reduction. Following our integrative approach, you will learn these skills through conversation, immersion, and activities in a dynamic, real-life setting. You will reduce your accent, and learn how to identify and self-correct your pronunciation. Once you master the rhythms of the English language, you will be able to project a newly polished and professional image

Why study at New York English Workshop?

Our comprehensive cultural instruction will not only help you feel more confident speaking the English language, but will also help you feel more at home participating in American culture.

All lessons are offered with flexible scheduling – you can even take lessons via Skype! New York English Workshop’s competitive pricing and proven language experience make us the best choice to help you speak more clearly and confidently. Click here to schedule your first lesson!